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Square Butte
Ranch Club

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About the Ranch Club

The Square Butte Ranch Club is a non-profit company incorporated by the developers of Square Butte Ranch in 1997. The Ranch Club's mandate is to promote recreational, educational, environmental, and social development activities among club members and the extended community. At present, the Ranch Club oversees the management of horses boarded by owners on the common area lands at Square Butte Ranch. The Ranch Club employs staff that tends to the horses daily in additional to managing the herds and pastures where the horses live.


The Square Butte Ranch Club is governed by a Board of Directors elected by members of the Ranch Club on an annual basis. Ranch Club membership is available to all households regardless of whether the owner boards a horse at Square Butte Ranch. This is a fun social group that promotes Western lifestyle activities with a focus on the horse.

Board of Directors

Maureen Heffring


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