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History of Square Butte Ranch

The 480 acres and 48 units that comprise Square Butte Ranch are set amidst the Alberta Foothills - an area steeped in a rich pioneering history. The story of Square Butte Ranch development is itself fittingly colourful, interesting and the vision of modern-day horseman and pioneer, Max Gibb. 


In the spring of 1989, under the original name Maximum View Ranch the concept, vision, and search for approval for an Old West themed resort project began. When Mr. Gibb sold his previous project, Maximum West, the proposed Maximum View Ranch development required a name change and in 1992 it became Square Butte Ranch. In 1995, an Area Concept Plan was prepared in support of an application by Mr. Gibb and his development partners, Mr. Joe Killi and Mr. Mike Supple, for the development of the lands as a resort. In 1997 the planning evolved into a bare land condominium development in which part time owners would be able to purchase small acreages (“Mini-Ranches”) and Western themed town homes (“Ranchettes”) on lands re-zoned from agricultural to part time recreational.


Square Butte Ranch has attracted owners who say that they love the rural, Old West feel of the community and its architecture, the beauty of its own lands as well as the serenity and seclusion of the lands that surround it. They love their proximity to the Rocky Mountains, being surrounded by nature and the sight of equine friends turned out in their pastures. Those that have been here since its inception have been known to say “we have a little piece of heaven” and “it is the best kept secret”.


Square Butte Ranch is a unique and special community!

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